Approximately 11 kms north-west of Swansea city centre, Gorseinon ward has a population of 4,500. It is in the Welsh Government and UK Parliamentary Constituency of Gower.

Neighbouring wards are Penllergaer, Kingsbridge, Upper Loughor, Penyrheol. The ward covers a total area of 226 hectares. It has a population density of 19.1 people per hectare. Major employers are Asda, Toyoda Gosei, Gorseinon Development Trust, district centre businesses, and City & County of Swansea schools.

Gorseinon ward has the 20th largest population of 36 Swansea wards, but the 13th highest population density. It is home to lower proportions of 16-24 and 45-64 year olds than the Swansea average, and a higher percentage of people aged 0-15 and 25-44.

The ward has above average birth and death rates, a higher proportions of one-pensioner households, and a higher proportion of people born in Wales and able to speak Welsh.

Kelly Roberts

Kelly Roberts


Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Gorseinon is a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Gorseinon has 1 Labour representative.

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