Labour celebrating school improvement for fourth year in a row

Labour is delighted that schools in Swansea have shown improvement for the fourth successive year.

That success comes under the Welsh Government’s school categorisation system.

The results show a record number of schools in the city are in the green category and for the second year running none at all are red. The categorisation system is not a league table but aims to identify the appropriate level of support each school requires to continue to improve.

There are four colours: green support category schools receive 4 days’ support, yellow signifies a ten day package of support, amber means a school needs a 15 day level of support and red schools can access 25 days of support a year.

Councillor Jen Raynor, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning, said: “The ratings from the categorisation scheme are yet another indication of the continuous improvement being made by our schools in Swansea.

Welsh Government's school categorisation system

Welsh Government’s school categorisation system

“Schools with high numbers of additional learning needs pupils and deprivation deserve a special thanks for meeting the challenges.

“GCSE and A-level students achieved some outstanding results in the summer. Attendance rates at both primary and secondary schools have risen consistently in recent years and the majority of school inspections in Swansea in the last few year have been very positive.

“We have made education a top priority and have matched this commitment with investment and additional funding. The success stories across our schools reflect a real team effort.”

Of the 79 primary schools in Swansea, 40 require minimal support to improve, which is up from 35 in 2017, 35 are yellow, four are amber, which is eight less than last year, and none are red. There are eight secondary schools categorised green, five yellow and one amber.

Swansea Council will be using the findings to help target support and resources to secure improvement across all schools.

Current categorisation, places less emphasis on comparative performance data and more emphasis on how effectively a school is led and managed and the quality of teaching and learning.

Added Cllr Raynor: “Swansea is fortunate to have some excellent headteachers and teachers, committed governors and of course a lot of credit must go to parents, carers and other family members for the support they give their children and to the schools they attend.

“Where schools need additional support we will provide it. In Swansea we are ensuring that good practice is shared throughout all our schools for the benefit of all pupils.

“All authorities in Wales are improving. We have to be careful we do not become complacent. We owe it to our children to help them become the best they can be.”

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