One of Swansea Council's electric vans

Labour-led Swansea Council continues to show green credentials with delivery of 40 electric vans

Swansea Labour is delighted after the City Council has taken delivery of 40 electric vans, making it the largest electric van fleet in all 22 authorities in Wales.

Council vans, which previously used more conventional fuel such as diesel, will now be hooked up to a charging point. The vans will provide a range of services to residents in the city including corporate building services, waste management, parks and street cleansing.

As a consequence, the introduction of the new vehicles will help to significantly lower the Council’s carbon footprint.

The Council has teamed up with local Peugeot dealer C.E.M Day who have provided the fleet of vans.

Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Housing, Energy and Building Services, said: “Technology has improved significantly in recent years, enabling us to enter into an agreement with a vehicle manufacturer that can provide us with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles.

“This means we can continue serving residents in the city and be much kinder on the environment.

“We should all be concerned with making Swansea a greener, more sustainable and more environmentally aware city for our children and generations to come.

“With the Welsh Government having set an 80% greenhouse gas emission target, it’s pleasing to see Swansea Council setting the right example.”

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Services, said: “The impact of vehicle emissions on our local communities is something we are more than aware of and are continuing to look at new and innovative transport methods to improve air quality for everyone.

“If we want to encourage residents to be more mindful of the effects their own vehicles have on our local environment, then it’s right that we look at our own fleet and do something about it.”

The Council previously acquired 10 electric pool cars which are available for staff to travel between council buildings.


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