Angela James

Prospective Candidate

Electoral Ward: Killay North

I’m really pleased to have been selected to stand as the Labour Party candidate for Killay North. I have lived in Killay for most of my life and raised my family here. Living within one of the most attractive suburbs of Killay and Dunvant where we are surrounded by tall trees with lush foliage and rolling landscapes has been a privilege.  I also attended what I regard as being two of the best schools in South Wales – Dunvant and Olchfa.

I’m extremely passionate about protecting all of our public services and ensuring that they remain accessible to everyone, not just the few.  It’s through my experience of working for more than 20 years within the health and social care sector, that I appreciate the dedication and hard work that’s given on a day-day basis

I am a qualified social worker and currently work full time as an Adult Protection Coordinator for a local authority – I work with some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society and have seen first-hand the devastation imposed by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats through cuts to vital services.

I am angry about constant attacks on our NHS, education and on vulnerable people from both the Tories and Lib Dems.

I feel that a change in representation is required, someone that is enthusiastic and dynamic, someone who is willing to fight for local courses and willing to put local needs and issues before party politics.  We must involve local people of all ages and backgrounds to become more involved in decisions.  What we stand for:

  • We are committed to ensuring that our local area has the high-quality key services protected as an essential part of our Killay community.
  • Buses, roads, libraries, parks, banking and post office services should be protected in Killay to ensure people’s lives and business are the best they can possibly be.
  • I am passionate about the importance of education, social responsibility and of creating a society we, as residents of Killay, want to live in.
  • Building a better and more prosperous community – supporting businesses to make them a central and vibrant part of the community.
  • We want to bring the community together – not just a sense of community but an interactive community where all are invited.

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