Approximately 8 km south west of Swansea city centre, Bishopston ward comprises the Bishopston, Caswell and Murton localities.

Neighbouring wards are Pennard, Fairwood, Mayals, West Cross and Newton. The ward has a population of 3,200 and is in the Welsh Government and UK Parliamentary Constituency of Gower.

Bishopston is a Rural Development Plan eligible ward and is 597 hectares in size, with a population density of 5.4 people per hectare. The ward’s major employers are Bishopston Primary School and Bishopston Comprehensive School.

Bishopston has the 10th smallest ward population in Swansea, and the 9th lowest population density. It has a relatively high proportion of people aged over 45, especially those aged 75+. It has lower proportions of children and (more noticeably) 16-44 year olds. It has the highest crude death rate in Swansea, and below average birth rate – reflecting its age profile.

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Bishopston is currently not a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Penclawd has TBC Labour representative.

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