Approximately 5.6 kms west of the city centre, the Dunvant ward consists of the Dunvant locality, north-west of Killay. The neighbouring wards are Killay North, Killay South, Fairwood and Gowerton.

The ward covers 241 hectares and has a population density of 18.2 people per hectare, with a total population of 4,300. Major employers are City & County of Swansea primary schools. It is in the Welsh Government and UK Parliamentary Constituency of Swansea West.

Dunvant has the 20th largest ward population in Swansea and is the 14th most densely populated. It has a slightly higher proportion of people aged 5- 15 and 45-74 compared to the Swansea average and a lower proportion of people aged 16-24.

Birth and death rates are below the Swansea average. The ward has a higher proportion of older family households and people with higher level qualifications.

Jennifer Raynor

Jennifer Raynor

Cabinet Member - Education
Louise Gibbard

Louise Gibbard


Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Dunvant is a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Dunvant has 2 Labour representatives.

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