Killay South

Killay South

With a population of 2,300 the ward is approximately five kms west of Swansea city centre with the neighbouring Wards: Killay North, Sketty, Mayals, Fairwood, and Dunvant.

Killay, which is the second  smallest ward population in Swansea, is one of a string of Victorian hamlets on Gower Road that rapidly began to grow in size during the early 1900s and was subsequently absorbed by the western expansion of urban Swansea.

Killay has developed as an attractive residential suburb. Along the southern side of Gower Road at the eastern end of Killay South Ward are located some of Swansea’s finest large detached family homes built during the early 1900s.

Frontage development along Gower Road and Goetre Fawr Road gained momentum in the inter war years. However, the greatest level of development in this residential area occurred during the 1960s, with the creation of the Broadmead estate.

Smaller private schemes were completed during the 1980s and 1990s at Woodside Avenue and Rowan Close.

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Killay South is currently not a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Killay South has TBC Labour representative.

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