The ward has a population of 3,400 and is approximately seven kms south-east of the city centre consisting of the Caswell, Newton and Langland localities. The neighbouring wards are Bishopston, West Cross and Oystermouth.

Newton is the 26th largest population in Swansea but 19th most-densely populated with a low percentage of people aged 16-44, buthigher proportions aged 45-plus (especially 65 and over).

The three Gower localities of Newton, Caswell and Langland make up the present-day ward of Newton. The village of Newton owes its original existence to limestone quarries and small farms, which attracted workers to the area.

By the mid-19th century, the village was already well developed, with its own school, chapels and other amenities.

While very few of the original worker cottages remain, the village layout is still very much centred on this traditional core.

In 1894 the house known locally at that time as Llan-y-Llan was opened to the public as the Langland Bay Hotel and this heralded the development of Langland and Caswell as prominent Victorian seaside resorts.

In the post-war years, the settlement has gradually expanded in a radial fashion around the village of Newton, comprising mainly detached, executive-style housing.

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Newton is currently not a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Newton has TBC Labour representative.

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