The ward has a population of 4,100 and lies approximately 7kms south-west of the city centre, consisting mainly of the Mumbles locality with neighbouring wards of Newton and West Cross.

Oystermouth has the 22nd highest ward population in Swansea but 12th most densely populated. It has a relatively low percentage of people aged under 24 and higher proportions aged 45-plus.

The ward is located at the most southerly point of Swansea’s south-western suburban development.

The area consists of the coastal village of Oystermouth, which doubles as a suburban shopping centre and holiday resort, and is commonly known as Mumbles after the three outcrops of rock at the western end of the bay.

Development occurred initially around the area of Oystermouth Castle and the lower coastal strip from the early 19th century particularly following the opening of the Oystermouth-Swansea passenger railway service in 1807 and the area’s subsequent popularity as a tourist destination.

Further housing development occurred in the higher land areas to the south (such as Limeslade and Thistleboon) in the post-war period.

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Oystermouth is currently not a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Oystermouth has TBC Labour representative.

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