Population has a population of 2,700 and lies approximately 11 kms south-west of Swansea city centre with the neighbouring Wards of Gower, Fairwood and  Bishopston.

It has the fourth lowest ward population in Swansea and is the fourth lowest densely populated.

Pennard electoral ward consists of the Kittle, Pennard and Southgate villages and a number of smaller rural hamlets such as Sandy Lane and Cannisland, and individual properties, including farms and holiday cottages.

The original Pennard village and church was abandoned by the 16th century due to the encroachment of sand, with the village later relocated inland.

At the north of the ward lies Fairwood Common, a large area of common land which contains Swansea Airport, now used by private light aircraft and by training, leisure and emergency services.

The A4118, the main east-west access road to South Gower, travels in a south-westerly direction through the ward between the airport and Parkmill.

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Pennard is currently not a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Pennard has TBC Labour representative.

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