The ward of Penyrheol is both urban and rural and has pockets of affluence and poverty. Penyrheol is made of up of many housing estates and Grovesend and Waungron, which is the other side of the ward, is split into two different Communities, Grovesend being the more rural part of the Penyrheol Ward.

Penyrheol has only one shop which incorporates the local post office no public houses. It has a primary school and a comprehensive school and it also has a high-class boxing club where the world champion Colin Jones is very much involved.

Grovesend on the other part of the ward has no shops at all, one public house and a miners’ club which has recently been taken over and run by the local football team.

Grovesend  has a very small primary school consisting of 100 pupils and the children would go on to attend Pontardulais Comprehensive School.

Jan Curtice

Jan Curtice

Deputy Presiding Member
Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens


Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Penyrheol is a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Penyrheol has 2 Labour representatives.

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