Upper Loughor

Upper Loughor

Upper Loughor is a single member ward with a population of around 2,700. Robert Smith is the County Councillor.

The ward is approximately nine kms north-west of Swansea city centre, consisting of the north and eastern parts of Loughor. Its neigbouring wards ar Penyrheol, Gorseinon, Kingsbridge, Gowerton and Lower Loughor.

Upper Loughor is the sixth lowest ward population in Swansea of the 36, but 187th most densely populated.

The population structure is relatively close to that of Swansea, but with lower proportions aged 16-24, and higher proportions aged 45-plus.

The ward has a relatively high proportion of people able to speak Welsh, born in Wales and older/couple households.

Upper Loughor Town was well established as a distinct settlement by the mid 19th century. It owes much of its early development to coal mining, with a number of significant local collieries, including the Broad Oak colliery and the Cae Duke mine which closed in 1947 and has since been developed for housing. The development of coal, iron and steel industries encouraged further housing development in the early 20th century.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Cabinet Member - Children, Education & Life Long Learning

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Upper Loughor is a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    Upper Loughor has 1 Labour representative.

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