West Cross

West Cross

West Cross has a population of 6,500 and is represented by Labour duo Mark Child and Des Thomas.

The ward lies approximately 6 kms south-west of the city centre, consisting of the localities of West Cross, Norton and Newton (north part). Its neighbouring wards are Mayals, Bishopston, Newton, Oystermouth.

It has the 16th largest ward population in Swansea but seventh most densely populated.

West Cross has a high proportion of older households, people with higher level qualifications and with a long-term health problem or disability (partly a reflection of the ward’s age structure).

West Cross developed initially in the late 19th century with further ‘high status’ housing built during the inter-war years.

Unusually for the south-western suburbs of Swansea, there is a relatively high proportion of local authority built homes, mostly from the post-1960 period.

However, since the 1980s a number of council properties have been sold to occupiers under the ‘right to buy’ legislation, although 18% are rented from the Council (2011 Census).

Mark Child

Mark Child

Cabinet Member - Wellbeing and Healthy City
Des Thomas

Des Thomas

Presiding Member

Quick Facts

  • Labour Held

    Westcross is a Labour held ward.

  • Representatives

    West Cross has 2 Labour representatives.

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