Carwyn Jones and Rob Stewart

Council leader insists there’s only one real choice for Trauma centre

Swansea Council Leader Rob Stewart believes there is a compelling case for Swansea’s Morriston Hospital to be the home of the planned Major Trauma Centre.

Councillor Stewart argues that it should not be about whether Swansea or Cardiff is better, but it is about the best geographical location to provide the best coverage to the people of South Wales.

“It is vital the Trauma Centre comes to Morriston Hospital in Swansea. Geographically there can be no other choice. The population in Cardiff and the south-east area are near the Bristol Centre – there is no reason why that cannot work.

“That is not true for the people of South West Wales. Time to treatment within the ‘Golden hour’ is essential with major trauma. Given the added risks to life the extra journey time people from Pembroke, Ceredigion, Carmarthen, Powys and Swansea would face if it were in Cardiff then it simply must be Swansea.

“If it’s not in Swansea then I fear we would see a two-tier Trauma service in Wales with South West Wales having no trauma centre while south east Wales would have the option if Cardiff or Bristol. That is unacceptable. I will be lobbying the Welsh Government hard to make not only the right choice but the only choice,” insisted Cllr Stewart.

“This is not a Swansea v Cardiff situation – this is what is best for the people of South Wales and how we ensure we give the best coverage and therefore the best chance of survival of a major trauma to our people.

“There are some compelling arguments in favour of having the Trauma Centre in Swansea, not least the location with its proximity to the M4 and A465 Heads of the Valleys road, and therefore the number of people that can reach the centre within the so-called ‘golden hour’.

“This means that people from as far afield as Aberystwyth, Brecon and Haverfordwest will have access. But also, the fact that it caters for east Wales as well.

“Morriston Hospital is already a world-class facility but it has the ability to expand and with 55 acres next to the hospital read to be developed into a new £15m health science campus with an institute for life sciences as part of the &1.3bn City Deal – Swansea is the obvious choice.”

Added Cllr Stewart: “So, I have no doubt that the best outcome for the people across the whole of south and mid-Wales is that the Major Trauma Centre is placed in Morriston.”

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