Llansamlet councillors Mo Sykes, Ryland Doyle, Alyson Pugh and Penny Matthews campaigning against the Biffa incinerator.

Labour councillors delighted incinerator plan turned down by council

Swansea Labour councillors have been celebrating after controversial plans for a waste incinerator plant in Llansamlet were unanimously rejected by the City Council’s planning committee.

Biffa wanted to build the incinerator at its site on Clarion Close, in the Llansamlet ward, claiming it would avoid the need to transport waste from Swansea by lorry to a landfill site in Merthyr Tydfil, where it is buried.

But the fact that the planned incinerator was close to housing and a school, as well as the fact the stack would impede views, persuaded the planning committee to reject the application.

Llnasamlet’s Labour councillors Ryland Doyle, Penny Matthews, Alyson Pugh and Mo Sykes were delighted with the outcome.

“We have had a good outcome. The planning committee rejected the application unanimously on the visual impact of the stack on the local community and particularly Llansamlet church,” said Cllr Doyle.

“We hope this is the end of the process but we acknowledge that Biffa have the right to appeal so we will await developments on that front. But we will set out arguments in preparations for that.

“We have had a good campaign within the community – the councillors, the community and schoolchildren all working together for a successful outcome.”

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart, who represents the nearby ward of Morriston, said: “I’m very pleased to see the planning committee turn down the bid for application.

“The application for this waste to energy was in the wrong location. It would have had an impact on the area including health issues potentially for residents.

“So I’m glad the planning committee turned down the application.”



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