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Swansea Labour driving green policy on food waste in south Wales

Swansea Labour is delighted to be part of a food waste scheme which is helping to power homes in south Wales.

Food waste from thousands of homes in Swansea and Bridgend is providing power to generate renewable electricity at a site in Bridgend. The arrangement has been going since 2017 under a 15-year contract.

The councils send around 20,000 tonnes of food waste a year collected on the kerbside to the plant – based at Stormy Down, Bridgend, run by Severn Trent Green Power. The waste is used first to generate electricity and then literally ploughed back into the food chain as organic fertiliser.

The scheme is supported with Welsh Government funding and will help achieve ambitious Wales-wide recycling targets of 70% by 2025.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services at Swansea Council said: “This is the greenest-possible approach for residents to dispose of their weekly food-waste.

“Not only does the waste help generate enough power to supply thousands of homes with green electricity, the leftovers will provide high-grade organic fertiliser to help grow the next generation of foodstuffs too.

“It also means that just so long as people don’t put their food waste in black bags, it’ll never end up in landfill for future generations to have to deal with.

He said: “In Swansea our recycling rates are at 64% and this latest initiative will offer further reassurance to residents that their food waste is being disposed of thoughtfully.”




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