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Swansea Labour grateful for work of lifeguards after record numbers flock to beaches

Swansea Labour has thanked the RNLI lifeguards for the work they have done after a record number of visitors have been lapping up the sea and sunshine on Swansea beaches this summer.

According to the Met Office July was the hottest month on record and a period of sustained sunshine coupled with the onset of the school summer holidays have seen families flocking to the beach in record numbers.

Swansea Council has been working in partnership with the RNLI for a number of years providing funding for lifeguarding at some of Britain’s finest beaches. As well as Caswell, Langland and Port Eynon, the RLNI also provide a service at Swansea Bay and Three Cliffs Bay.

Labour Cllr Robert Francis Davies, Cabinet Member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “Swansea and Gower boast some of the finest beaches in Europe and it’s no surprise at all to us that people flock to them in their tens of thousands when the sun comes out.

“I want to thank the RNLI lifeguards for the tremendous effort they put in to keep people safe on the beach. It’s not just that they take care of people in difficulty in the water, they also offer advice on staying safe in the sun as well as reminding people about the risks of disposable BBQs and littering generally.”

Tom John of the RNLI lifeguard team which works with Swansea Council to keep visitors safe in the summer months on the beaches said: “Since late July it has been extremely busy.

“I’ve worked on the beaches for 10 years and I’ve never seen it so busy, it’s possibly been the busiest on record for us. On some days we’ve had to put in extra lifeguard support at Langland and Caswell the beaches have been so full.

“I want to thank visitors for their support in listening to advice from the lifeguards and observing the flags. Owing simply to the numbers of people visiting we’ve had a large number of first aid cases to deal with, but nothing out of the ordinary just reflecting the number of people using the beach.”

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