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Swansea Labour litter plea to beach-goers

The Labour-led Swansea Council is urging beach-goers to do the right thing and take their rubbish home with them during the hot and sunny weather.

The Council has issued the plea as a spell of hot weather encourages residents and visitors to head for the seaside to soak up the sun.

For the busy summer months the council is stepping-up beach litter collections, increasing the number of bins available and intensifying the number of visits by enforcement officers to the beaches it manages.

But Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure, said it is the responsibility of those who head for the beach to take all their waste home with them, including disposable BBQs.

He said: “Anyone who thinks that it’s OK to bury bottles, BBQs or any other waste in the sand on a day out is simply wrong.

“BBQs in particular retain their heat for hours afterwards and young children accidently stepping on them can cause terrible burns.

“Five of our most popular beaches – including Caswell – have special BBQ bins where people can safely dispose of them. But the fact is that there is no excuse to dump them on any beach thinking it’s OK.

“The council does not dump litter on beaches, people do. They do it because either they don’t care or because they can’t be bothered to do the right thing.

“It’s people’s utter laziness that puts others at risk. If the bins happen to be full because it’s a busy day it’s no excuse to dump litter near them or anywhere else. Just take it home.

Added Cllr Thomas: “Absolutely the worst thing anyone can do with a disposable BBQ or any other beach litter is to bury it in the sand. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Yes, we have bins in place, yes there are signs on beaches warning about litter and yes the council is actively cleaning-up beaches.

“On top of that we also work closely with RNLI beach lifeguards to ram the beach litter message home and we send enforcement officers to beaches as a deterrent.

“But whatever people bring to the beach with them, they are responsible for taking home. People should do the right thing every time.”



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