Austerity is still hitting millions of people

The following is a letter published this week in the South Wales Evening Post by Cllr Lesley Walton from Townhill Ward:

It’s very easy to cherry pick facts in order to say that the Tories care about ordinary people.

Maybe some do, but there are plenty of other facts which lead me to believe that the UK Tory government doesn’t care whatsoever.

Just reading Monday’s Evening Post article on pages 6 and 7 paints a completely different picture as MP Carolyn Harris tells of her experiences over Christmas helping those in poverty.

We live in one of the top 10 wealthiest nations in the world, yet the use of food banks has steadily increased over the years.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this has happened when a Tory government has introduced policies such as the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and Universal Credit, which both penalise “ordinary people”.

While we can argue about the decisions that the Welsh Government makes, it’s still the case (and not a bleat) that they do not receive enough money from Westminster to counter damaging effects of austerity.

Make no mistake, for millions in the UK, austerity is still here.

Lesley Walton
Councillor, Townhill Ward

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