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Councillor Andrea Lewis welcomes news of carbon neutral Costa shop in Parc Tawe

Councillor Andrea Lewis, cabinet member – Next Generation Services, has praised developer for bringing Costa’s carbon neutral Eco Pod concept to Parc Tawe in Swansea, South Wales.

The Eco Pod, which uses environmentally-friendly building design and innovative energy saving technologies, will open in the Autumn.  It will be carbon neutral, excluding energy consumed by internal operating equipment.

“It is heartening to see that a major developer such as Hammersons is constructing greener, energy efficient buildings such as the Costa Coffee eco pod at Parc Tawe,” said Cllr Lewis.

“Building carbon neutral buildings should, I believe, be the aspiration of all developers and I sincerely hope other companies will follow their example.

“As a Swansea Labour administration, we are focussed on building more and more affordable, energy efficient homes across Swansea to help tackle fuel poverty and build sustainable communities. However, invaluable contributions such as the Hammersons development at Parc Tawe, from commercial developers, must also be given the recognition they deserve.”

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