Paul Dally, Friends of Dunvant Park, Cllr Lousise Gibbard, Anthony Snyder, Swansea Council Enforcement Officer, Cllr Jen Raynor, and Peter Raynor.

Dog mess threatening youngsters’ activities at Dunvant Park

Free park activities in Dunvant Park could be under threat because of the unacceptable amount of dog mess being found there.
Dunvant Councillors Louise Gibbard and Jen Raynor and the Friends of Dunvant Park group are urging irresponsible dog owners to pick up after their pets.
Park Lives, which run free activities for youngsters, had planned to run monthly Mountain Boarding sessions but might have to cancel due to the dog mess problem.
Park Lives Coordinator Kirsty Gough said: “We delivered mountain boarding recently and unfortunately, our session leader has reported back to us that he picked up 20 bags of dog mess prior to starting the session and that during the session some dog owners were not picking up after their dogs.
“This culminated in one of the participants falling in dog mess.  Luckily the session leader had some wipes and alcohol cleaner on hand to assist her but it is obviously a concern with regards carrying on future sessions in the park.”
Cllr Louise Gibbard said: “The Friends of Dunvant Park group and Swansea Council are working hard to improve the park and provide a range of activities.
“It is appalling that such events may not be able to go ahead due to people’s failure to pick up after their dogs. It is anti-social and spreads disease.
“We’ve asked the council team to carry out enforcement patrols in the park and we are encouraging local residents to report areas of mess or individuals allowing their dogs to foul in the park by calling 01792 635600 or visiting
“Unfortunately, in these times of austerity we don’t have the resources to monitor the park 24/7 so we need people to help us by being responsible themselves and to report those who are not.”
Cllr Raynor added: “The football pitches have dog poo on them. It’s bad all year round but worse in the dark winter months. Dogs are allowed to run free, the owners don’t bring torches or poo bags with the result children miss out in sport and play.
“It is not surprising parents are asking if dogs can be banned from Dunvant Park or for a bye-law to keep dogs on leads.”
Dog owners that do not clean up after their dog could be given a fixed penalty notice of £75, or they could be prosecuted and may then be fined up to £1,000.
In recent days the Swansea Council Enforcement Officer, Anthony Snyder, has issued four Fixed Penalty Notices, three for dog fouling and one for littering.
Chair of Friends of Dunvant Park Joanne Fitton said: “I am disgusted to hear that the action of a few, but persistently irresponsible, dog owners is jeopardising the future of events being held in Dunvant Park. The park is for all users and as such we expect to find in the state we hope to leave it.
“Friends of Dunvant Park are working hard to enhance the park in light of cuts but the small minority are spoiling it. Dog mess is public health nuisance and prevents the park being used for recreation, the reason that it is there in the first place. Locals value this green space and we need to send a clear message that this antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.”

CAPTION: L-R Paul Dally, Friends of Dunvant Park, Cllr Lousise Gibbard, Anthony Snyder, Swansea Council Enforcement Officer, Cllr Jen Raynor, and Peter Raynor.

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