Overgrown hedge in Dunvant

Dunvant householder ordered to trim down overgrown hedge

A homeowner in Dunvant has been ordered by Swansea Council to reduce the size of her hedge after losing an appeal to the planning inspectorate.

The overgrown hedge, which consists of conifers 12 metres high and is 30 metres long, in Yr Aran, Dunvant had been the subject of a complaint by the local Neighbourhood Watch and some of the householders overshadowed by the high hedge.

Mrs Susan Rogers appealed against the original decision but lost after a public hearing last October. The Planning Inspector ordered the hedge was to be cut back to seven metres by 17th February.

No work has started on reducing the overpowering hedge and neighbours are worried about the lack of action.

Cllr Jen Raynor who supported the residents to make an official complaint to the Council last March says “ Mrs Roberts needs to get a move on. The Inspector gave her three months to cut the hedge. Mrs Roberts still has time to cut the hedge before the official start of the birds’ nesting season.

Dunvant Cllr Louise Gibbard said ‘Neighbourhood Watch groups from across Swansea attended the hearing last October. High hedges are anti social. The Inspector visited the homes of the people and saw the hedge herself. We all want to see work started as soon as possible.”

Both of Dunvant’s Labour councillors Jenifer Raynor and Louise Gibbard have fought for the hedge to be reduced in size as per the original decision.

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