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Former nurse Alyson Pugh to fight Llansamlet ward for Labour in council elections

Former nurse Alyson Pugh has been selected to fight Llansamlet ward for the Labour party in the council elections in May.

Alyson moved to Swansea nine years ago from the Rhondda. She was a nurse and health visitor for 30 years, and has a BSc in Nursing and an MSc in Community Health.

She said: “I fully believe that the only way forward is to work in partnership to provide a safer, healthier start in life for children and their families. I have been a district nurse, a school nurse and a health visitor so I am very used to working with people in the local community.”

Key issues Alyson seeks to address as a councillor include the provision of more social housing.

“Where you build though has to have the resources to support families,” she added.

“I am passionate about ensuring we have support for people who need it. This could be teenagers with little amenities to occupy them, or mother and child groups. Also, we need to support our most vulnerable people and therefore I am really keen to work with other agencies to provide services that are so desperately needed.

“If elected as a Labour Councillor I will be a strong voice for people to develop and provide the safer, greener, healthier and more prosperous future for people, both now and the children of the future.”

She continued: “I live on the Parc Bryn Heulog estate and am aware of outstanding adoption issues on the estate; I am committed to working with residents, developers and the residents’ association in Parc Bryn Heulog to resolve these issues.”


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