Ysgol Brynymor

Green-fingered Swansea school sets up gardening club

An Uplands school has set up a gardening club, welcomed by Swansea Council as a contribution to their continued efforts to encourage biodiversity.

Ysgol Brynymor in Uplands has very limited available area, but that has not stopped them creating some growing space.

They have been supported to start the gardening club by parents including one of Swansea Council’s Sustainable Development Policy Officers, Penny Gruffydd, and Cllr Mary Sherwood, whose cabinet portfolio includes biodiversity.

Biodiversity has been dramatically reduced by human activities, and Ysgol Brynymor is keen to educate their children on the importance of sustaining the planet by creating green space.

“Swansea Council’s Sustainable Development Policy Officers and Nature Conservation team are keen to get the community more involved in learning about nature and enjoying the benefits of green space,” said Cllr Sherwood.

“Although many of our schools are very short on green space there are a lot of great things being done often with support from parents and the wider community.”

Work began last week at Ysgol Brynymor with parents helping to weed and prepare the way for the new gardening club.

“I’m really proud that we have officers like Penny who are genuinely committed to the work they do, to the point that they take it into their communities in their own time and get their hands dirty,” added Cllr Sherwood.

“We’re interested in seeing how well local groups can not only brighten up school yards but also increase the range of plants and wildlife we see there. Expert advice on this is readily available within the council and from wildlife charities we work with.”

And Cllr Sherwood is keen to expand the work already started at Ysgol Brynymor.

“Any other school or community gardening groups with similar ambitions are welcome to get in touch to offer or seek advice about increasing biodiversity and encouraging the survival of butterflies, birds, etc.  It would be good to develop links and share ideas,” she added.

“It’s not too late in the year to get started so if you see a neglected patch at your school why not ask if you can get stuck in.”

CAPTION: Head Teacher Rhian James (far right) next to Sustainable Development Policy Officers, Penny Gruffydd, with parents and pupils


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