Bus shelter

Labour call for bus shelter removal

A local Labour Party group is calling on Swansea Council to remove an unsightly, graffiti-ravaged bus shelter in Cwmdu.

Cwmbwrla Ward Labour Team has requested the Labour-led Swansea Council remove the bus shelter from Gwilliam St in Cwmdu.

“I have received numerous complaints regarding this bus shelter. Its only use is to shelter youths smoking drugs and being a canvas for crude graffiti,” said Andrew Crowley, prospective Labour councillor for Cwmbwrla.

“To be honest the residents are sick and tired of being ignored by existing Lib Dem councillors. They have referred this to them before but nothing is being done.

“The people in this Ward deserve better than rusting eyesores on their streets and the ones representing them at Council.”

Added Ann Cook, another prospective Labour councilor for Cwmbrwla, said: “This is a disgrace. This should have been removed a long time ago. Why should residents have to put up with this?”

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