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Labour councillor delighted after important bus route reinstated

Labour Party councillors are celebrating after an important city bus route is to be reinstated.

The bus route for North Hill will once again access Milton Terrace after a three-year gap in services. The service will return to North Hill on September 5th.

The route changed because the old buses could not access the gradient from Portia Terrace to Milton Terrace.

After years of fighting for its return the bus company have now taken the bus back to manufacturers to heighten the suspension of the vehicles.

“I can’t tell you how pleased the local councillors are to have this service back,” said Councillor Erika Kirchner of Castle ward.

“It means our elderly residents no longer have to order taxis or stay at home because they could not walk to the other bus stops.”

Added Cllr Kirchner: “A big thank you has to go to all the residents who helped fight for the bus to come back and to all the officers who listened to us.

“There was an absolute need to support older or infirm residents to help give them a better quality of life.”

Council Leader Rob Sewart said: “It is great news that the North Hill bus route will access Milton Terrace after such a gap in services. The people who fought for so long for this to be re-instated should be warmly congratulated.”

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