MAIN CAPTION: L-R Anthony Hamilton-Shaw (Cariad), Cllr Jan Curtice, Cllr Andrew Stevens and Jamie Whitton (Pengelli AFC) at Pengelli Sports & Social Club

Labour councillors and Swans combine to provide much-needed defibrillators

Four defibrillators have been provided around the Penyrheol ward at key locations.

Labour councillors Jan Curtice and Andrew Stevens have provided three with the fourth being funded via Swansea City in memory of Mitchell Joseph, who sadly passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest playing for his local Swansea Senior League side St Joseph’s last season.

The locations are Pengelli Sports & Social Club, Brynlliw Grovesend, Half-Cut Barbers and also one soon to be installed in Waungron.

Cllrs Curtice and Stevens have had expert advice from Cariad Defibrillators Wales on where to situate the defibs.

Cllr Stevens said: “I am more than happy to be able help towards this life saving equipment at key locations throughout the ward.

CAPTION: L-R Anthony Hamilton-Shaw (Cariad) showing Cllr Jan Curtice and Cllr Andrew Stevens and Jamie Whitton (Pengelli AFC) at Pengelli Sports & Social Club the newly-installed defibrillator

Anthony Hamilton-Shaw of Cariad) showing Cllr Jan Curtice and Cllr Andrew Stevens the newly-installed defibrillator

“As soon as we approached local businesses and community groups for permission to place the defibs they instantly agreed and even provided us locations to host the training sessions. It’s great to see people have the safety of others as their number one priority.

“I would like to thank Cariad for their first-class support, we had multiple meetings with Anthony to make sure these were placed at suitable locations and we are grateful for their offer to provide multiple training sessions throughout the area. I hope they will be well attended.

“I would also like to thank Swansea City for helping towards the cost of one of the defibs via the Swans Pledge in memory of Mitchell Joseph.”

Added Cllr Stevens: “I feel that you cannot have too many defibrillators in an area. If a person goes into sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of them surviving without the help of a defibrillator drop by 10-15% every minute, so the more of these the better.

“We are currently working with the Local Authority to sort a suitable place to house the defibrillator in Waungron. If you would like to check out the AED’s in your area, then have a look at this handy tool from Cariad.

Cllr Jan Curtice said: “We are really pleased to have been able to fund four defibrillators in our ward from our environmental money they are placed at Martin’s Hairdressers at Crossroads Loughor, The Brynlliw, and Miners Club in Grovesend, and we are waiting for posts to be installed to place one in Waungron.

“These are vital pieces of equipment and have already saves lives in the area. Thank you Anthony at Cariad for supplying and installing them for us.”

Anthony Hamilton-Shaw of Cariad Defibrillators Wales said: “Cariad is overwhelmed by the amazing commitment by the local councillors in supporting the placement of defibrillators. Defibrillators are essential in assisting a person who had stopped breathing. Early defibrillation and ongoing CPR can help save lives.

“Cariad is currently looking for individuals who would like to assist the charity. If you are interested please contact email:”

Jamie Whitton of Pengelli AFC said: “We would like to thank our councillors Jan Curtice and Andrew Stevens, the Swans Pledge and Cariad Defibrillators Wales for this life saving equipment which has been donated to our area.

“We were more than happy for it to be located on the wall outside to benefit the whole community should an emergency occur.”

There are a number of training times for the defibrillators: Thursday, 7th March (6pm) – Pengelli Sports & Social Club;  Tuesday,  March 12th (6pm) – The New Lodge Gorseinon; Wednesday, March 20th (6pm) –  Bryn Lliw; Saturday, March 16th (10am) – Penyrheol Free Church.

MAIN CAPTION: L-R Anthony Hamilton-Shaw (Cariad), Cllr Jan Curtice, Cllr Andrew Stevens and Jamie Whitton (Pengelli AFC) at Pengelli Sports & Social Club








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