Councillors provide Townhill with four defibrillators

Labour councillors in Townhill donate four defibrillators to their ward

Councillors in Townhill Ward have donated four heart defibrillators from their Community Budget.

The councillors have worked in conjunction with South Wales Police and Cariad Defibrillators Wales.

The defibrillators have or will be placed inside one of the shops at the top of Mayhill Road, inside Townhill School, outside Townhill Police and also outside TOPIC House.

“We are delighted to be able to help provide these four defibrillators especially as residents in the area now have 24-hour access to potentially lifesaving equipment,” said Cllr Anderson.

“We must thank Anthony Hamilton-Shaw of Cariad and PCSO Sian Lloyd for the work they have done in getting these defibrillators strategically placed in the ward,” added Cllr Lesley Walton.

And Cllr Hopkins added: “The importance of having defibrillators available in this way to the public cannot be underestimated. We as councillors are only too happy to have helped in this matter.”

Anthony Hamilton-Shaw said: “We are delighted to have supported the fantastic work Sian has done, along with others, to ensure the local community have access to such vital equipment.

“For every minute someone isn’t breathing while suffering a cardiac arrest their chances of survival decrease by 14% so obviously defibrillators – placed in easily accessible locations – really do save lives.

As well as helping to secure the life-saving machines, PCSO Sian Lloyd has also spent time in recent months delivering training alongside Cariad, raising awareness of the importance of CPR and access to defibs.

Pictured outside Townhill Police Station are: L-R Councillors, Cyril Anderson, David Hopkins and Lesley Walton and Anthony Hamilton-Shaw from the charity Cariad Defibrillators Wales.

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