Llansamlet ward councillors

Labour councillors objecting to waste incinerator plans in residential area of Swansea ward

Labour councillors in Llansamlet are leading the fight with local residents against the installation of a  waste incinerator being planned in their ward.

Biffa, the waste management company, have submitted a planning application for a state-of-the-art incinerator situated in Clarion Close in Llansamlet, but there are concerns it is too close to a nature reserve, a school and residential housing.

The four Labour councillors – Ryland Doyle, Penny Matthews, Alyson Pugh, and Mo Sykes – have pledged to oppose the application, which will see the go-ahead for the incinerator with a 25-metre stack which will burn up to 25,000 tons of non-recyclable industrial and commercial waste per year.

Objections are so strong a public meeting has been organised for November 8 at Samlet Social Club (6.30pm) at which Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart will be addressing angry residents.

In a statement, the four Llansamlet councillors said: “We find this application is totally unacceptable to have in our ward, or any ward for that matter, especially as it is to be situated close to the heart of the community.

“We are strenuously recommending that people in the vicinity voice their objections. We cannot have this waste incinerator so close to Swansea Vale Nature Reserve, Lon Las Welsh School, and residential housing in Tregof Village and other parts of the ward.

“Whatever Biffa might say, it has to be health and an environmental concern and it is hard to believe they think this is a viable plan.”

The councillors are particularly worried about Biffa’s plans because this is a new-style incinerator that has not been used in the rest of the UK.

A petition has been signed by locals and any objections, which close on October 24, can be registered at:


CAPTION: Alyson Pugh, Mo Sykes, Ryland Doyle and Penny Matthews


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