Llansamlet Short Mat Indoor Bowls Club

Labour councillors sponsor Llansamlet indoor bowls club’s kit

Generous Labour councillors have supplied brand new polo shirts and hoodies to Llansamlet Short Mat Bowling Club.

The Llansamlet Labour ward members Alyson Pugh, Ryland Doyle, Mo Sykes and Penny Matthews donated £1,100 from their Community Budget to the LSMBC who play at Trallwn Social Club.

“This support from the Labour ward members is invaluable and we now look and feel like a team with our new kit,” said Chris Hillier, chairman of LSMBC.

“Our previous kit had worn out after five years of use. It’s a bit lift for the club, so we are extremely grateful.”

The Llansamlet ward members said they had no hesitation in helping the club with getting new kit.

“We have been impressed with the club’s tenacity and they have shown hard work and determination to do well, whether that is in the local league or in national competitions,” said Cllr Pugh.

“We are particularly impressed that they are very keen to bring young people through and encourage them to play. If any team deserves to have new kit it is them.”

The club, which has been in existence since 1993, recently had one of their younger members Kyle Bainbridge, 14, nominated by Swansea Council for the disabled young sportsman of the year. Kyle has only been playing three years but has already made a real impression at the club.

And Kyle and Jake Gordon have been selected for Wales Under-21s in the past two years.

LSMBC are always looking for new members of all ages from nine years-old upwards. If you are interested you can telephone Chris Hillier on 07531847121 of search them out on Facebook @lsmbc

CAPTION: members of LSMBC with Cllr Alyson Pugh and Cllr Ryland Doyle



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