Free school meals

Labour in Wales guaranteeing free school meal funding for Christmas and Easter

Unlike the controversy caused by the UK Government not guaranteeing free school meals, in Swansea and across Wales pupils who are eligible will continue to receive them.

It means thanks to Labour those who need them will receive free school meals during the Christmas holidays and up to and including the Easter break in 2021.

The Labour-led Swansea Council has provided parents and carers with free school meal support during this week’s half-term thanks to funding from the Welsh Government.

Welsh Labour tweet on school meals

Welsh Labour tweet on school meals

Primary School pupils, the PRU, pupils in Year 7 and 8 in comprehensive schools and all pupils attending specialist teaching facilities return to school on Monday.

But older pupils in Years 9 and above will be taught remotely for an additional week as part of the Welsh Government’s fire-break lockdown and school meal support will also continue for them at home until they return to class on Monday November 9.

Labour Cllr Jennifer Raynor, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Education Improvement, Learning and Skills, said: “The Welsh Government has guaranteed funding for free school meals not just for this half-term but for all school holidays up to and including the Easter break in 2021.

“Throughout the pandemic Swansea Council has worked to ensure that families who qualify for free school meals do not miss out when their children have not been in school and I’m pleased that this includes older pupils who are learning from home next week.

“The pandemic has brought real hardship to many families which is why the Welsh Government funding is so welcome. No child should go hungry and the provision of free school meals is one less worry for parents at this difficult time.”



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