Cwmbwrla candidates: Ann Cook, Isobel Norris and Andrew Crowley

Labour Party announces three Cwmbwrla candidates for 2017 elections

Swansea Labour has selected its three candidates to fight the Cwmbrwrla ward for the party in the 2017 Council elections.

Current Cockett councilor Ann Cook will stand for Labour in the ward along with Andrew Crowley and Isobel Norris.

“I lived for 22 years in Manselton – my children grew up there – and I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues to help improve the environment in the community

Andrew, who works in Child Health within the NHS, says: “I have put myself forward as candidate for Cwmbwrla ward because Cwmdu, Cwmbwrla, Manselton and Brynhyfryd have been left overlooked for far too long,” insisted Andrew.

“Because of absent, elected officials I feel we are becoming the poor cousin of our home town. I will not stand by and see Swansea evolve and Cwmbwrla Ward become the dinosaur. We deserve better!”

Primary school teacher Isobel Norris said: “I am very pleased to have been selected as a Labour candidate for Cwmbwrla, a ward which I believe has been neglected by its current councillors.

“I hope that Ann, Andrew and I can make a difference to improve quality of life here and rejuvenate the area because I want to make sure that Swansea continues to be a safe, diverse city that offers the next generation every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“I believe it is particularly important that there is a strong Labour council to support this generation on a local level because they are going to face so many challenges as a result of the current Conservative government.”

(CAPTION: L-R Ann Cook, Isobel Norris and Andrew Crowley)

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  1. Gloria Tanner
    Gloria Tanner says:

    I am delighted for Ann,Isobel & Abdrew.
    They will bring a breath of fresh air to Cwmbwrla which is needed. A hard working positive team to revitalise the ward.i
    I wish them well.


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