Llansamlet Councillors (L-R) Mo Sykes, Ryland Doyle, Alyson Pugh and Penny Matthews

Labour politicians demand transparent public hearing into Llansamlet incinerator appeal

Swansea Labour has pledged to continue their objection to an incinerator being built in Swansea Vale after BIFFA submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

The original application was turned down by Swansea Council’s Planning Committee because of the impact of the stack associated with the plant on the local community.

BIFFA has requested that the appeal hearing be by written submission only.

Llansamlet Labour Councillors and residents want the appeal to be in the form of a public hearing where councillors and residents can attend to give evidence to the inspector in person.

Labour Cllr for Llansamlet Ryland Doyle said: “We were delighted when the planning committee rejected the application unanimously on the visual impact of the stack on the local community and particularly Llansamlet church.

“We had hoped this would have been the end of the process, but we acknowledge that Biffa had the right to appeal.

“However, we demand that that appeal is heard in public rather than behind closed doors. The people of Llansamlet deserve an open and transparent process.”

Council leader Rob Stewart said: “We will continue to defend the decision of the planning committee to refuse the incinerator application and make the necessary arguments to the inspector.

“We do not want an incinerator in Llansamlet and I am very clear that the appeal needs to be in public with a public hearing so the voices of the people of Llansamlet and Swansea can be heard.”’

Labour AM Mike Hedges AM has described incineration as “a very dangerous way of getting rid of waste materials”.

Mr Hedges has joined the campaign against a proposed incinerator in his Swansea East constituency.

“Some of it will be carbon dioxide which is very bad for global warming, some of it will be nitrous oxide and dioxins which we know are bad for health,” he said.

“Hospitals need them, they have to get rid of pathogens in some of the medical waste but there’s no reason why domestic waste needs to be incinerated.”

Labour candidate for Swansea East, Carolyn Harris said: “The plans for an incinerator in Llansamlet were unanimously rejected by Swansea Council.

“The proposal did not offer any benefit to our city or our communities.  In fact, quite the opposite – potentially causing health implications for those living nearby.

“Whilst Biffa have every right to appeal the decision, that appeal should be public to allow local residents and councillors to voice their concerns about the negative impact an incinerator would have on Llansamlet and the surrounding areas.”

There is a protest planned for November 23 against incineration in Wales at The Senydd in Cardiff at 11am when all local campaigns will be there.

PIC CAPTION: Llansamlet Councillors (L-R) Mo Sykes, Ryland Doyle, Alyson Pugh and Penny Matthews


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