Cllr Mark Child and Cllr Des Thomas on the promenade at West Cross

Lighting boost for cyclists and joggers on West Cross seafront

Cyclists, runners and walkers who use the promenade path in West Cross will notice a big difference in the coming weeks.

That is because £80,000-worth of low level lighting is being installed along a 1km stretch of the prom courtesy of West Cross Labour Councillors Des Thomas and Mark Child.

The pair have pooled their enhanced ward grants to pay for environmentally-friendly lighting the length of the promenade path in their ward.

Work has started on the ambitious and imaginative scheme to increase access and safety on path.


Cllr Thomas said: “This will be low-level lighting so as not to effect the night sky, all the way from Norton to Mayals, and will be a big enhancement without being bright or dominant in any way.


“The lighting will come on early in the morning, going off shortly after dawn, then come back on in the evening till later, going off through the middle of the night. People who saw the trials have given their 100% support to this project.”


Cllr Child added: “We are thrilled with this scheme. It will increase people’s access to this very popular path, in early morning into late evening people will be safe walking along by the sea, taking their dog for a walk or cycling.


“It probably won’t make too much difference during the lighter summer nights, but in winter it will double the time the prom can be enjoyed.”


CAPTION: Cllrs Mark Child and Des Thomas checking on the progress of light installation on the West Cross promenade

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