Cllrs Ryland Doyle, Mo Sykes, Penny Matthews and Alyson Pugh

Llansamlet councillors celebrate after BIFFA withdraw appeal on incinerator

Swansea Labour councillors and Mike Hedges MS have welcomed the news that BIFFA have withdrawn their appeal to have a waste incinerator situated in Llansamlet.

The Swansea Council planning committee had rejected the original BIFFA application.

But although the company had pledged to fight that rejection they have now withdrawn that appeal.

This application would have seen an incinerator installed which would have burned more than 20000 tons of commercial waste a year within 500 yards of Lon Las School and within 250 yards of a nature reserve.

Speaking after the announcement, Cllr Ryland Doyle said: “This is a marvellous day for the local community. Everyone was delighted when the Council Planning Committee turned the application down, but we realised that the fight wasn’t over until they had exercised their right to appeal.

“Now that they have withdrawn the appeal, it appears that the threat of an incinerator close to houses, schools and Swansea Vale Nature Reserve has been lifted. We are delighted!

Cllr Alyson Pugh added: “This is a big day for our Community! We are delighted for all of the people who came together to leaflet, help get signatures on the petition and who turned up at the planning meeting.

“Perhaps the gentleman who wore a hazmat suit through the meeting feels it was worthwhile today! We are delighted that children will be able to grow up free from the threat of fumes and particulates in the air they breathe’

Cllr Penny Matthews said: “It has been a long fight and we are delighted to have won! I know how worried the local community has been and they can rest easier tonight. I worked with local schoolchildren in the campaign and this is their victory.”

Cllr Mo Sykes commented: “We met people from Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan who are also fighting against an incinerator in their community and we were hugely touched by people who came to support us.

“I hope that our victory will give them heart and show these big companies can be beaten. I am sure that the campaign in Llansamlet will continue to support these people in their fight. Together we can ensure that incinerators are built away from homes and schools.”

Mike Hedges MS said: “This is marvellous news for Llansamlet and the people who have campaigned against the BIFFA application for a waste incinerator in Llansamlet.

“It was the wrong idea, at the wrong time and at the wrong location.

“We are well aware of Air pollution problems along the M4 Corridor and this is within half a mile of the application site. Concern is growing about air pollution and the effect it has on health, especially young people and people with respiratory diseases.

“We need to be 100% sure that incinerators are not going to add to particulate pollution and at the moment, I believe we cannot have that degree of reassurance.

“I would like to congratulate the members of the local community and the local councillors who led the campaign against this application; their efforts have been richly rewarded.. I hope that other people campaigning against Incinerators across Wales will take heart from today’s news and I wish them similar success.”

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