Cllrs Mark Child and Des Thomas

Local councillors respond to complaints about misuse of green area in West Cross


West Cross’s two Labour councillors have pledged to improve a green area in their ward that has been turned into a ‘mudbath’.

Residents have complained that the Council Housing-owned land between Moorside Road and Yewtree Close in the ward is gradually becoming an eyesore through children using it as a BMX and mountain bike course.

And Cllrs Des Thomas and Mark Child are now talking to Swansea Council Housing Department to see how the strip of land can be improved and protected.

“This site is gradually changing from a pleasant green space with trees and a stream into a mudbath,” said Cllr Des Thomas.

“Cycling across here, digging up the grass, destroying newly planted trees, and carving up the earth has messed up the place for everyone else and we are getting complaints.”

Cllr Mark Child added: “We are not against children playing, but what has happened here is excessive and needs to stop because of the damaged caused and the mess made.

“Hopefully the planned new skatepark will give children somewhere else to enjoy.”

CAPTION: Cllrs Mark Child and Des Thomas

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