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Loughor park celebrating two landmark birthdays

Parc Williams in Loughor is celebrating a double anniversary this year.

Not only is the Parc 90 years old, founded by John Charles Williams  in 1929, but Friends of Parc Williams is celebrating its 10 anniversary too.

And as part of the celebrations the Parc will host their annual Picnic in the Park on Saturday, July 20 with an opportunity for the community to get together and  enjoy plenty of attractions for both old and young.

The Friends of Parc Williams has been invited by the Lord Mayor to the Mansion House in September as part of Swansea’s 50th anniversary as a city celebrations.

“Members old and new will be attending and it’s a lovely way of thanking them for their hard work over the years,” said Christine Richards, Labour Cllr for Lower Loughor and one of the founder members of Friends of Parc Williams.

Picnic in the Park on Saturday, July 20

Picnic in the Park on Saturday, July 20

“When we started Friends of Parc Williams I worked with Council officers and other volunteers to get it going.  Over the years, the Friends have made many improvements and held events and Parc Williams is now very much a focus for our community.”

As part of the celebrations an information panel on John Charles Williams, who gave the park to the people of Loughor, has been funded out of Cllr Richards’  Community Budget.

The community picnic, between 1-5pm on July 20, has proved a popular annual event over the past few years, and will include live music (Loughor Town Band, The Larks and Jenni Lee), Circus Eruption and baked goods, teas and coffees in the pavillion.

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