Building Muncher

Massive Building Muncher ready to complete final Oceana demolition

This is the Building Muncher that will be on site over the next few weeks completing the demolition of the Oceana building.

It will mean that the iconic nightclub visited by millions of people over the last 50 years will disappear completely from The Kingsway as the Swansea Labour-led Council continues its bid to transform the city.

Swansea Labour leader Rob Stewart said: “the final stages of the demolition of the Oceana building is further evidence of major improvements in the infrastructure of Swansea as we move towards delivering the £1.3bn City Deal.

“The former Oceana nightclub’s demolition will pave the way for a new office development on site as part of plans to transform The Kingsway into an employment district.

Building Muncher which will complete the demolition of Oceana

Building Muncher which will complete the demolition of Oceana

“This is an important element of the city centre’s regeneration plans creating 100s of new jobs and generate more footfall and spending in our city centre businesses.”

Oceana’s demolition will also open the way for plans to start on a tree-lined urban park which is set to be created along The Kingsway.

The scheme will include a new two-way traffic route and also create a pedestrian-friendly environment and will include the removal of the existing two lanes of traffic on the northern side of the road to help create a new urban park.

The proposed new layout will see the current bus lane removed to allow traffic to travel in both directions on the southern side of the carriageway.

Work is expected to start along the route later in 2017.

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