Mynyddbach councillors donate defibrillator to Treboeth Public Hall

Mynyddbach councillors buy defibrillator for public hall

A defibrillator has been donated by Labour councillors in Mynyddbach to Treboeth Public Hall.

Cllrs Mike Lewis, Sam Pritchard and Gloria Tanner have paid for the defibrillator out of their Mynyddbach ward community budget.

A statement from the three councillors said: “The hope is that nobody will ever need to use it, but if the worst happens users of the Public Hall will now be prepared.

“There will be training provided by Cariad on how to safely use the machine.

“We all want to see our communities safer and now this busy community centre has access to a potentially life-saving device.”

Pictured with representatives of Treboeth Public Hall are: Cllrs Mike Lewis, Gloria Tanner and Sam Pritchard



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