Beach litter

New clean-up taskforce announced by Swansea Labour council administration

Swansea Labour insists that the environment and the problem of litter and fly-tipping is at the heart of their policy-making

So, Swansea Council’s efforts to tackle waste problems blighting city communities are to get a further boost in the coming months.

Additional littering and fly-tipping teams are being introduced around the city to respond quickly to reports of problem areas and tackle issues at fly-tipping hotspots.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Development, confirmed that the scheme is the latest investment by a council playing its part helping communities stay tidy.

“The council already spends millions of pounds a year keeping our communities clean,” he said.

“Our teams are out every day cleaning our beaches, emptying bins in parks and investigating reports of fly-tipping.

“The blame for littering and fly-tipping lies firmly with the people who do it. But as the recent easing of the lockdown showed, there is still a hardcore of lazy people who think it is OK to dump their litter for others to pick up.

“The council has no choice but to step in to deal with it and our rapid response team is the latest commitment we are making. The rapid response team will be set up and operate in a similar way to the very highly-regarded pothole repair team has operated over the last five years.”

Cllr Thomas added: “It’s very well-known litter and fly-tipping attracts more litter and fly-tipping. By responding quickly to reports of problems it’s our ambition to encourage people to take responsibility and not disfigure their communities with litter and fly-tipping.”

He said the council would be working with ward members to identify problem areas and they’ll be recruiting more staff in the coming months to help out.

“Littering is not OK,” insisted Cllr Thomas.

“Our residents say it’s not OK and we say it’s not OK. The recent ‘Don’t be a Tosser’ message is strongly reinforcing the point.

“The council plays it part in keeping our communities clean and tidy. Every morning our teams are out early hand-clearing litter from our beaches, our parks and the city centre. Every day people return and when they leave some do the wrong thing and leave their rubbish behind.

“Whether bins are half-empty or full – if you can bring stuff with you to the beach or park, you can take the waste home with you.”




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