Recycling centres reopening

Recycling centres to reopen – Swansea Labour-led Council announce

Recycling Centres around Swansea will reopen to the public on Tuesday, May 26.

But all five council-run Recycling Centres – Garngoch, Llansamlet, Penlan, Tir John and Clyne – will look very different to how they were before the lockdown.

The Swansea Labour-led administration insists the centres will operate under strict new guidelines, ensuring the public and council staff are safe from the threat of coronavirus.

To help manage the number of visitors to the Recycling Centres, only a limited range of waste materials will be allowed and residents will be advised to only visit a Recycling Centre if it is absolutely essential.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: “We are aware of residents’ wishes that Recycling Centres are operational once again but we are a long way from everything getting back to normal. Our main focus is ensuring we can manage social distancing and keep everyone safe.

“We collect a wide range of materials from the kerbside and we would encourage everyone to use this option first.  Black bag waste will not be accepted at any of our recycling centres.”

Swansea residents can check details of what materials will be accepted at the five Recycling Centres by visiting Swansea Council’s website –

Cllr Thomas added: “No-one wants people to be waiting in their cars to find that the materials they wanted to dispose of are not being accepted. So please check the rules carefully before you set out.

“This is not a time to have a massive spring clean of the house thinking you can then take everything to the tip. This is a time for careful consideration about whether you need to come to one of our recycling centres at all.

“It’s vital that residents work with the Council to ensure we can operate safely. Residents who are self-isolating or showing symptoms of Covid-19 should also avoid visiting the sites. Only visit a recycling centre if the waste you have cannot be stored safely until a time when we are operating as normal.

“We expect demand to be high when we reopen so residents should also expect long waiting times before they can enter the sites or we might have to turn people away if the queues spill out onto the main highway.”

Residents will also need to provide proof of their residency within Swansea. No vans or trailers will be permitted.

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