New experimental traffic measures in Uplands

Swansea Council drives forward Uplands traffic measures

Councillors have welcomed new traffic measures in Uplands in a bid to prevent motorists from ignoring street signs.

At the junction of Sketty Road and Uplands Terrace there have been ‘no right turn’ street signs in existence for some time, but have been largely ignored.

A temporary barrier has now been installed down the middle of Sketty Road to stop vehicles turning right on to Uplands Terrace as well as stopping vehicles attempting to turn right from Uplands Terrace.

Residents have expressed their concern about the safety of the junction and all ward councillors have been keen to resolve it.

“We’d like to thank Swansea Council highways officers for taking this issue seriously and coming up with a solution,” said Uplands Labour Councillor Mary Sherwood.

Added Labour councillor Nick Davies: “We would like to reassure people that the measures are temporary while we monitor the effectiveness of the barrier and receive feedback.”

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