Demonstrations over Trump travel ban move

Swansea Council leader adds his criticism to Trump ban

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart has joined the growing criticism of US President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to enforce a 90-day travel ban from seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The leader of the Labour group on Swansea Council said that Mr Trump’s decision to issue this executive order was a completely ill-judged, indefensible and counter-productive move.

“Mr Trump says his new measures are designed ‘to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US’ but all it has done is cause alienate people and cause grief and heartache for law abiding people” said Cllr Stewart.

“These are just crass, ill-thought-out divisive measures which will end up damaging the US standing in the world. As council leader of such a tolerant culturally diverse inclusive city as Swansea I have to put on record our total opposition to Mr Trump’s actions.

“It is little wonder that the most of the world has condemned these measures and shown contempt at Mr Trump’s extreme and unacceptable tactics.

“It also has to be noted that none of the seven countries mentioned in his executive order has any business dealings with the Trump empire he still has family control over.”

Cllr Stewart urged UK prime minister Theresa May’s to rethink the invitation for Mr Trump to be given a state visit to the UK.

“I have to say that honouring Mr Trump with a state visit would send all the wrong messages that the UK condones these punitive measures and we should not proceed until Mr Trump rethinks his stance on this issue,” added Cllr Stewart.

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