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Swansea Council leader blasts opposition for leaving budget session

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart has blasted some opposition councillors for leaving the council chamber while the budget presentation was being delivered.

In addition, he said that no opposition party moved any amendment or provided any alternative to the budget.

Cllr Rob Stewart said: “Clearly some opposition members found it hard to sit and hear how much Labour has delivered and how much we are investing in services this year.

“They left Swansea in a terrible state and don’t like the fact that under Labour Swansea has made huge strides forward. We are close to signing the £1.3 bn city deal and bringing jobs, investment & opportunities to all communities in Swansea.”

Cllr Clive Lloyd added: “They left the chamber for the most important meeting of the year – setting a budget to support vital services. Their actions were totally disrespectful to the people who elected them. Our budget provides investment in services that will improve people lives in every community of Swansea.”

Key points from the budget session include:

Council tax set at 2.75% – one of the lowest in Wales

£2.75m rasied for vital services

800k extra for poverty initiatives

£300k extra for social care

£500k for new sport facilities

£200k for events

£50k to light historic building

£10k for veterans’ events

£5.5m for new energy efficient council homes

£100m for school refurbishment and rebuild

£1.8m for local community priorities

£357m for housing and new homes

£5m extra for roads and lighting repairs

£3m Investment in new IT & Digital Services


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