Car park permit holders to get three extra months

Swansea Labour administration extend resident parking permit through coronavirus

Swansea residents with parking permits are to get an automatic three-month extension on their permits, the Labour-led administration has decided.

Those who have emails linked to their permits have already been informed of the move, which is part of the council’s response to supporting residents through the coronavirus crisis.

Those residents who have a mobile phone linked to their account are being informed by text and those who are linked via a landline are being contacted by staff directly to inform them of the changes.

Permit-holders who want to change details due to a move or a change of vehicle will still need to get in touch with the council.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said the move was to reassure permit-holders at a difficult time.

He said: “Council staff are very busy, many have been re-assigned to other duties to support our residents during this challenging time that we’re all having to cope with.

“Extending permit periods for existing users reduces the workload on our staff so they can focus on critical services while giving affected permit-holders the reassurance they need that we are here for them.”


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