Biffa incinerator

Swansea Labour and Llansamlet residents backs decision to defer incinerator decision

Swansea Labour and local residents have welcomed the intervention of the Welsh Government in recommending a deferral on a decision to allow a controversial incinerator in Llansamlet.

And the people of Llansamlet are hoping the deferral leads to a permanent turning down of the application by Biffa Waste Services energy of a facility in the heart of Llansamlet to deal with 21,000 tonnes of trade waste.

The Welsh Government’s intervention meant Swansea Council’s planning committee deferred a decision on the incinerator on April 2nd.

“Following the deferral by the council’s planning committee our hope is that the Welsh Government will now turn down the application,” said Swansea Labour leader, Cllr Rob Stewart.

“We still believe it’s the wrong location for this facility given how close it is to schools and housing.”

A statement from the four Llansamlet ward councillors – Ryland Doyle, Penny Matthews, Alyson Pugh and Mo Sykes – said: “We hope the next bit of the process will allow the public to express their concerns and we would like the evidence-gathering stage of Assembly process to be in public or to take the form of a public inquiry.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to applaud the efforts of the local community who have worked with us in the fight to stop this incinerator.

“We want the community to get behind the residents group in writing to Julie James AM and ask her to call this in to the Assembly and ensure a public enquiry is carried out.

“And councillors along with the community will continue to pound the pavements over the next few weeks to rally support to continue the fight.”

The Llansamlet Labour councillors have delivered 5,000 leaflets opposing the incinerator, and have also produced banners and posters.

They have always said the application is totally unacceptable for their ward, or any ward, claiming it is not right to have this waste incinerator anywhere near to Swansea Vale Nature Reserve, Lon Las Welsh School, and residential housing in Tregof Village and other parts of the ward.

They said in a statement before Tuesday’s planning application: “We can’t understand how Biffa think this is a viable plan because of all the health and environmental concerns that have been flagged up. We would urge the company to withdraw the application because the community feel this is not the right place for the incinerator.”


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