Dog poo bins

Swansea Labour appeal to dog owners to put pet’s poop in the bin or take it home with them

The Swansea Labour council administration is urging dog owners to do the right thing and put their pet’s poop in the bin or take it home.

Over the past few weeks council signs have gone up at parks and beaches encouraging dog owners to use standard litter bins to dispose of their dog’s waste if the poo bins are full.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Management, said the move was in response to rising concerns about dog poo being left either on the pavement or bagged-up near bins.

Cllr Thomas, said: “During the pandemic there’s been a rise in the amount of dog waste being cleared by our cleaners and poo bins being emptied. But we’re still getting reports of people just dumping the waste rather than taking it home if the bins are full.

“Too often lazy owners leave a bag of dog poo on top of a dog poo bin rather than lift the lid and put it in. That leaves others thinking the bin is full and rather than taking the waste home they dump it on the bin or nearby instead.

“It’s incredible the number of times our cleaners turn up at a bin with all the waste just left nearby only to find the bin itself is practically empty.”

He added: “People might not know but if a dog poo bin seems full people can put bagged waste in a litter bin. Or better still take it home with them and put the bagged waste in with their black bag waste for kerbside collection.”

The council spends around £2m a year keeping communities clean and tidy, visiting litter and waste bins regularly, especially in hotspot areas in parks, beaches and other areas.

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