Pumpkin waste

Swansea Labour asking residents to recycle pumpkins following Halloween celebrations

Swansea Labour are encouraging residents across the city to recycle their pumpkins following the recent Halloween celebrations.

Thousands of pumpkins are likely to have been carved into lanterns and Swansea Council is urging households to utilise kerbside food waste recycling service to dispose of them.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: “In recent years, we have seen a noticeable increase of food waste following Halloween celebrations.

“Our records show there tends to be around 25-30 tonnes extra food waste collected with much of it made up from pumpkins.

“If families have purchased pumpkins and are wondering how to dispose of them – our food waste recycling service is ideal for getting rid of them.

“This is a much better alternative to putting it into black bag waste where it will be left to rot in landfill, creating harmful gasses.

“All of the food waste we collect is sent to our waste partners who convert the food into energy.”


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