High Street Car Park

Swansea Labour Council continuing is car park payment update scheme

The Swansea Labour-led council administration is continuing to roll out its updated city centre car park scheme.

That means that High Street Multi-Storey car park is following in the footsteps of the Quadrant car park by going ticketless.

Council staff have been on site to help drivers adjust to the new system that was successfully introduced at the Quadrant last week.

The car park is the second of four busy city car parks which will see the benefits of a £280,000 upgrade which will include the park and ride sites at Landore and Fabian Way in the coming weeks.

Under the new system drivers approach entry barriers and instead of getting a ticket their number plate will be logged by an automatic camera. On their way back to their car they log their number plate in the pay machine, pay for their parking and head out.

When they reach the exit an automatic camera will read their number plate and raise the barrier to let them leave.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure, said: “It’s been good to see that motorists using the Quadrant have picked up the new way of doing things so quickly. People can pay by cash, card or go contactless.

“The new machines are a welcome replacement to the old ones which had reached the end of their useful lives. If you forget to pay at the machine you can just tap and go with your card at the contactless point near the exit barrier.”

He said most High Street permit holders had been contacted to advise them of the changes and to add any updates to their information so they’ll have access to the car park as normal.

Any permit holders who have not been contacted should get in touch with the council’s car parks team via email at car.parks@swansea.gov.uk or they can use the intercom at the exit barrier to speak to a member of the car parks team.

Cllr Thomas added: “We will have staff on site in the early days to resolve any issues. But if permit holders have difficulty leaving the car park they can speak to a member of the team by using the intercom at the exit barrier.”

The technology being used to support the system is called Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and is in use at thousands of free and paid-for car parks around Wales and the UK.



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