Mumbles Community Councillor Sara Keeton

Swansea Labour Council hand over lease for skate park development

Mumbles Community Council will take over the development of the proposed skate park, which would replace the current ageing half-pipe at Blackpill.

Originally more than 4,000 people signed a petition backing the estimated £300,000 plans. There were objections but were completely outweighed by the support for the project.

Cllr Mark Child

Cllr Mark Child

Labour Community Councillor Sara Keeton is delighted with Swansea Council’s decision to lease land on the promenade for a skatepark.

“We put this in our manifesto when we stood and have pursued it rigorously once we had control of the Mumbles Council,” she said.

“All our significant amount of consultation shows overwhelming support for this amongst young people locally, and large support in general, and I am delighted for them that this now looks like becoming a reality.”

West Cross Labour Councillor Mark Child added: “I would like to thank our Labour-run Community Council for the tenacity and professionalism they have shown.

“I know there has been opposition from Conservative Councillors and a few others, but I think this will be a huge asset for Mumbles and Swansea, and I am pleased the Swansea Labour Council sees it the same way.”

Labour Councillor Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Investment Regeneration and Tourism on Swansea Council, said: “We always try and take the views of young people into consideration and I am pleased we have been able to assist bringing this exciting project towards completion, for the young and some not so young, for local people and visitors too.”

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  1. Simonblower
    Simonblower says:

    Great news!!! I as a skater of nearly 50 years welcomes such an amazing venture for Mumbles and the surrounding area…Skateboarding is such a great past time for all ages with massive cardio benefits…Great and Fun way to shed Ilbs and take strain off the national health….Bravo to all in volved that made this happen!😀😀😀


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